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Aero Leather Clothing

Aero Wool and Horsehide Half Belt

$ 849.99

The Wool and Horsehide Half Belt is a style that was offered by Aero as far back as the early 1990s, and with so many requests for its reintroduction, it is now back on the menu! Aero has rescued the original patterns from the mothballs and fine tuned the proportions. Slight adjustments were made to the original pattern: the waistband and pocket positions have been raised, the sleeves were trimmed ever so slightly and a center pleat was added to the back. Nothing too drastic, and certainly nothing that would alter the character or period authenticity of the jacket...Aero has just improved an already fine design!

Aero has also tried a few other combinations of wool and leather and found that the panel configuration of the "Pioneer" is perfect for this style.

Basically both variations of the jacket have the same back, sleeve and cuff, but with quite different fronts. Type I is the original with the long leather panel alongside the zipper and Type II has a leather front yoke.

The Wool and Horsehide Jacket is available in a number of colors of Melton Wool and Horsehide. Click HERE for more information on ordering a custom Aero jacket!

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