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Vanson Leathers

Vanson Leather Balm

$ 15.00

“Leather is skin. So just as you would clean and care for your face, you should protect and preserve your Vanson.”  -  Mike V.

From over 40 years of working with leather we've learned a thing or two about caring for it. That's why we created VANSON LEATHER BALM  –  an all-natural product with glycerine, lanoline, neatsfoot oil and carnauba wax mixed together in a water-based emulsion.

VANSON LEATHER BALM deeply penetrates stiff or dry older leathers, lubricating the fibers and restoring suppleness and luster. We recommend its use on newer garments too  -  to moisturize the leather and give it added suppleness. VANSON LEATHER BALM is also great for leather furniture, seats and saddlebags, vehicle interiors, anything leather.

For best results clean and dampen the leather before applying the leather balm. Dampening the leather helps draw the nourishing waxes and oils deep into the structure of the skin.

16 oz bottle

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