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Aero Leather Clothing

Aero USAAF Redskin Type B-6 Contract No 42-18283-P

$ 1,199.99

This is one of the rarest flight jackets of WW2.

Although the introduction of a heavy sheepskin flying jacket, the Type B3, was very popular with flight crews, it proved too bulky and cumbersome at anything but the highest altitudes. The B3 was too much for even the relatively roomy, heavy bombers and it was impossible to wear in the cramped confines of a fighter cockpit.

The Air Force's answer to this dilemma was to produce a lightweight sheepskin jacket in 1939, very much along the lines of the D-1, but with a bi-swing back, adjustable cuffs, and epaulets. This stylish flight jacket has other unusual features such as the side adjustments that feature a unique zip closure waist adjustment method, drawing the bottom of the jacket in at the waist.

B6's had the lowest survival rate of all the AAF WWII sheepskin jackets, and an original B6 jacket is a very rare item indeed. The rarest of the rare of course is a Redskin B-6. Although some of the early versions were made in what had now become known as "redskin" sheepskin (a term not used during WWII), the vast majority were made in the standard seal brown.

Aero's B6 uses original Aero Beacon NY patterns, and follows the Air Force design faithfully.

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