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Thurston Bros. offers the option of ordering a custom Vanson jacket! The cost for this can vary from $900.00-$2,000.00, depending on the level of customization you would like on your jacket order. Contact us at for an estimate.


Step one: Fit Jacket

Thurston Bros. believes in getting the fit that is right for YOU! At all times we have most sizes, 36 through 46, in stock and ready to ship, in a variety of Vanson styles. When you are ready to order, we send you a stock Vanson jacket that will be used as a "fit jacket" for your custom order. This takes the guesswork out of the fitting process! We'll use this jacket to assess if the body fit is correct. We'll also determine if you need a longer or shorter sleeve length, as well as if you need a longer or shorter body length.


The shipping cost to receive a Thurston Bros. fit jacket is $39.99 for US Customers, $60.00 for Canadian Customers, $120 for Australia and New Zealand, and $95.00 for all other International Customers (we use USPS Priority International or UPS Worldwide).


You'll return the fit jacket to us (unless, of course, you love it and want to keep it!) and we'll use the information gathered from the fitting to write up the specifications for your custom order. Make sure to take photos of yourself in the fit jacket before shipping it back. We'll need to see photos of the jacket zipped up, front and back.


Customers are required to pay return shipping for the fit jacket back to Thurston Bros. Once the deposit payment on the fitting process has been paid, the custom process has started and there are no refunds permitted.  Please see our Store Policies page for more information.


We offer several convenient payment options for our custom jackets.  We take all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  You can also pay using your Paypal account.  We offer AFFIRM, which is a payment plan that gives a variety of payment schedules and interest rates. 


Step Two: Customizing Options


The Vanson house leathers are Competition Weight Cowhide and Z150 Cowhide.  A variety of colors are available for $125.00 extra.  We also offer our exclusive leathers, Bainbridge and Vancouver, in a wide selection of colors.  Roma Cowhide is available for custom orders.


Vanson's standard lining is black rayon, but we also offer two plaid linings and two heavy quilted linings. Thurston also offers a number of specialty linings, such as floral and camo, for $50.00 extra.


There is a variety of color and style choices for hardware. Most zipper styles are available in nickel, brass, or black finish. You can also choose from a variety of pocket zipper sliders, such as rectangular pulls; bell pulls, leather rivet pulls; and ring pulls.

Other options

There are typically other options that are unique to the jacket style you are ordering, and we will bring those features to your attention at the time of purchase. Just a few examples are--snap-off fur collar, striping, quilting, extra interior pockets, and extra exterior pockets, just to name a few. If you are wondering if a particular feature is possible for your jacket, just ask!


A number of fit changes can be made to standard Vanson jackets--sleeve length, body length, body taper, etc.  These changes are priced out individually once the overall fit has been assessed with a fit jacket.


All custom Vanson orders have a custom fee of 15% on the base price of the jacket order.  Additional costs for fit changes (see above) are not included in this 15%.



Step Three: Final Approval and Production Schedule

Final approval for your custom order specifications is done via e-mail so that you will know exactly what you have ordered! Once you have given your final approval, the order goes into the production queue and we can give you an estimate for delivery at that time. Please keep in mind that if revisions are made after your order is confirmed and in the queue, your ETA is reset starting at the date of the revision.  This is Vanson's rule due to their patterning process.  Each revision has to go back into patterning for the change and the revised order is put into the back of the production queue.  Wait time (which starts once the order is given final approval) ranges from 16-24 weeks.


To get started with a custom Vanson order, email us at! You can also purchase the jacket you want to custom order directly from the website and we'll contact you for more details.


Tips for a smooth fitting process:

1. US customers can purchase a return label for $39.99.  This price includes insurance and you will likely find it to be much less expensive than retail shipping from your location.  Here is the link to purchase the return label: RETURN LABEL

2. International customers may need to pay customs and import fees to their country.  Thurston is not able to pay these fees, nor do we have any control over the costs for customs and import fees to other countries.  If you are using our fit jacket process, make sure to save your paperwork so that you can either request a refund on any fees (for the fit jacket) or show proof of an exchange when you receive your custom jacket.

3. Make certain to purchase insurance for the return of the fit jacket.  Lost packages are rare and they are always a surprise.  Make sure you are covered!

4. When you box up the stock jacket for return, zip it up and fold it neatly.  There is a yellow instruction sheet in the box that has a guide for how to fold the jacket.  Crumpling up the jacket in the box can cause damage that cannot be undone!

5. Choose the fit for your custom jacket.  Thurston Bros will make recommendations based on many years of experience and fitting thousands of customers in leather jackets, but ultimately you will decide on the fit that works for you!  Our fit jackets are provided for your convenience and peace of mind in the ordering process.

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