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Custom Aero





Thurston Bros. has developed a worry-free custom Aero ordering process that makes getting your dream jacket an enjoyable and gratifying experience! There are many choices to make in this process, from leather, color, hardware, liner, etc., but the first step is to get the right size.

Step one: Fit Jacket and Hide Samples

Thurston Bros. believes in getting the fit that is right for YOU! At all times we have most sizes, 36 through 52, in stock and ready to ship, in a variety of Aero styles and leathers. When you are ready to order, we send you a stock Aero jacket that will be used as a "fit jacket" for your custom order. Fit jackets take the guesswork out of the fitting process! We'll use this jacket to assess if the body fit is correct. We'll also determine if you need a longer or shorter sleeve length, as well as if you need a longer or shorter body length. You'll return the fit jacket to us (unless, of course, you love it and want to keep it!) and we'll use the information gathered from the fitting to write up the specifications for your custom order. Hide samples are sent with the fit jacket so that customers can make an informed leather selection. The cost to receive a Thurston Bros. fit jacket is $30.00 for US Customers, $60.00 for Canadian Customers and $75.00 for all other International Customers.

Make sure to take photos of yourself in the fit jacket before shipping it back. We'll need to see photos of the jacket zipped up, front and back.

Customers are required to pay return shipping for the fit jacket back to Thurston Bros. Once the fit jacket is shipped, the custom process has started and there are no refunds permitted.

Step Two: Customizing Options

Our most popular leather choices are Vicenza Horsehide, Chromexcel Steerhide and Chromexcel Front Quarter Horsehide (FQHH). Vicenza Horsehide is a vegetable tanned mid-weight horsehide. Chromexcel is a combination tanned leather that is made exclusively by the Horween Leather Company in Chicago, IL. Other great choices include Goatskin, Battered Steerhide, Battered Horsehide and a number of other hides. Vicenza Horsehide has an up-charge of $125.00.  All other hides are included in the base price of the custom jacket.

Leather Color
Vicenza Horsehide is available in Black, Blackened Brown, Dark Seal, Seal, Cordovan, Russet, Natural, Navy Blue, Olive and Cream. Chromexcel Steerhide is available in Black, Brown and Cordovan. Chromexcel FQHH is available in Black, Brown, Cordovan, Navy, Cherry, Tumbled Black, Tumbled Brown and Tumbled Cordovan. Goatskin comes in Black, Seal and Russet.

To view the variety of leather color options, go to our Instagram page: @thurstonbros    


There is an incredible variety of choices for a custom liner. There are cotton and wool tartans from the Lochcarron Mill in Scotland, as well as traditional cotton drills, Lochcarron Tweeds, Harris Tweeds, Alpaca Wool, and light cotton sateens. Linings cost as follows--

Cotton Drill (Black, Brown, Olive and Red)--Free, included in jacket price

Cotton Sateen (Black, Dark Navy, Olive, Wine and Emerald Green)--Free, included in jacket price

Cotton Tartan--Free, included in jacket price

Herringbone Tweed Wool--$40.00

Rayon Quilted--$40.00

Regular Stock Wool (Royal Stewart, Blackwatch, Black Stewart, Weathered Grant, Capercaillie, Buchanon Hunting Modern, Minto Check Tweed, MacKenzie Weathered and Rob Roy)--$40.00

Alpaca Wool--$50.00

Custom Tartan Wool (All Custom Lochcarron Tartans)--$75.00

Harris Tweed Wool--$75.00

Heavy Duty Shearling--$150.00

To choose from a complete list of wool tartans, go to this link: Lochcarron Of Scotland



There is a variety of color and style choices for hardware. Most zipper styles are available in nickel, brass, or antique brass finish. You can also choose from a variety of zipper sliders, such as bell pulls; ball and chain pulls; looped ball pulls; ring pulls; and diamond pulls.

Exterior and Interior Pockets

There are a variety of exterior pocket options for most jacket styles. Exterior pocket options range from the number of exterior pockets to the placement/angle of the exterior pockets.

Interior pockets can be a very useful addition to your custom jacket! Interior pockets are set vertically into the leather facing and can be specified with a zipper or snap closure, or open (no hardware). Interior pockets are $40.00 each.


Many of Aero's styles can be made in a two-tone pattern! The most popular styles have been the Sunburst, J106, Highwayman and Cafe' Racer, but there are many other Aero styles that would be amazing as two-tone jackets. Ask us about this option and we'll help you design a one-of-a-kind look!

Snap-Off Fur Collars

Snap-off fur collars are available as an option on the Ridley, J106, J107, Daytona and other cross-zip motorcycle jackets.  Each collar is patterned and custom-made for the custom jacket.  Snap-off fur collars are $200.00.

Other options

There are typically other options that are unique to the jacket style you are ordering, and we will bring those features to your attention at the time of purchase. If you are wondering if a particular feature is available for your jacket, just ask!

Step Three: Final Approval and Production Schedule

Final approval for your custom order specifications is done via e-mail so that you will know exactly what you have ordered! Once you have given your final approval, the order goes into the next available production month.

Thurston Bros. has a monthly production allotment from Aero which keeps our wait times as short as possible! Our wait time is typically 6-8 weeks in the Spring and Summer months, and 8-10 weeks in the Fall and Winter months. When planning your Fall or Winter jacket order, keep the longer wait time in mind. We'll let you know at the time you place your order what the current wait time is, since these times are estimates and can vary from year to year.

To get started with a custom Aero order, give us a call at (206) 550-3545 or email us at!  You can also purchase the jacket you want to custom order directly from the website and we'll contact you for more details.

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