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Aero RAF Flying Jacket, Battle of Britain Model

$ 1,259.99

The first version of the panel Irvin was introduced in small numbers just before The Battle Of Britain. Aero's sheepskin is sourced in the UK and tanned to perfectly match the original WW2 material specifications. The patterns are graded from an original example in Aero's archives, resulting in an authentic fit and sleeve profile. The original label has been recreated and stamped with an exact copy of an original Quartermaster's store checking stamp.

In 1919 an American named Leslie Irvin made the first ever free fall parachute descent using a home made Parachute constructed on a borrowed sewing machine. The new invention was an instant success and became known as the Irvin parachute.It gained rapid acceptance, and by the early 1930's was in service with some 40 air forces around the world. Irvin opened production facilities in the UK in 1926 at the Irvin Parachute Co., Letchworth, Herts.

It was at this facility in 1931 that the Sheepskin Flying Jackets, popularly known as "The Irvin", went into production. The early jacket was pretty much the same as the WW2 jackets, apart from the panel configuration, which was divided and further sub-divided--wartime shortages of sheepskin demanded that every scrap of was used!

The pre-war jackets were almost exclusively manufactured without horizontal seaming, but with body panels joined vertically only, it required fewer seams and making assembly both quicker and easier. The downside of the larger panels was that they required large quantities of the ever more scarce Sheepskin. As Britain got deeper into the war, the Flying jacket was made with more panels and jackets soon began to appear almost "patchwork." The jacket was phased out by 1950.

Aero's Battle of Britain spec jackets has halved panels. The jacket is made with buckles that are die cast from originals and perfect repro Air Ministry Zippers or Waldes nickel alloy zippers.

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