Aero Leather Clothing

Aero Leather Clothing is widely regarded as one of the top manufacturers of the finest and toughest leather jackets on the planet!

Thurston Bros. has been working with Aero Leather Clothing for many years to develop patterns for Aero jacket styles that reflect a vintage ethos with modern taste. This means, for example, an authentically styled Aero 1930s Half Belt that has the sleeve and body length that best fits a modern pants' rise (in the 1930s, pants were worn at a much higher level on the torso and original half belt jackets are much shorter in body length). A customer can purchase an Aero 1930s Half belt from Thurston Bros. that fits them perfectly, right off the rack!

While we have many great off-the-rack Aero jackets immediate purchase, most of our customers choose to go custom. Please click HERE to read more about custom fitting and our fit guarantee!

To inquire about Aero products, contact us at We're available Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm PST.

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