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Aero Type B-3 USAAF Contract No. 42-22899-P

$ 1,259.99

The Type B-3 was standardized on May 29th 1933, and remained virtually unaltered until its discontinuation in 1943 although each original maker's B-3 had their own nuances. Aero offers two versions, each manufactured to exact Military Specifications for their respective 1942 contracts. However, originals of the later 42-22899-P contract can be found with at least two slightly different back panel configurations. This was a common practice with sheepskin flight jackets on both sides of The Atlantic as the war drew on. The resulting shortages of raw materials meant that slight variations were acceptable to the USAAF.

Aero Leather Clothing uses the correct B-3 weight heavy Shearling Sheepskin with extra strong Horsehide sleeve and seam overlays for extra protection, single map pocket on the right hand side and heavy leather straps with three-way stud collar closure for use in foul weather to enable the jacket to provide added protection to the lower part of the face. Aero also uses the spec weight, shorter shearling for the cuffs, waistbands and wind flap. This style is available in original Seal Brown Sheep/Seal Brown Horsehide trim and Seal Brown Sheep/Russet Brown Horsehide trim or the rare "Redskin" shearling. All versions use a Triple Marked Talon zipper on wide herringbone tape, Alloy buckles recast from originals, etc.

Although the B-3 was discontinued by the USAAF on the 23rd of May 1943, the Aero Leather version of the original jacket is still made to the same specification and standards as the Army Air Corps garments. Many of the originals are still going strong after nearly 70 years of wear and Aero's current jacket should give an equal length of service!

AAF Shoulder Decal available.

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