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Aero USAAF Goatskin Type AN-J-3

$ 1,099.99

The AN-J-3 was designed as a joint project for both the USAAF and the USN in 1943 but only a very few dozen were ever produced. The AN-J jackets were introduced as the result of the desire to standardize clothing and equipment, reduce inventories, and ease production burdens. The Navy's jacket prior to this was the M-422A while the AAF were issued with the Type A-2.

The AN-J-3 was the AAF's version of the new "combined" design but never got beyond the initial trail stages as only a very few dozen were ever produced as, by 1943, the USAAF were committed to the use of Alpaca Wool lined Gabardine clothing. It is not thought that more than a handful were ever issued to AAF personnel while the US Navy's version, (the AN-J-3A) with its mouton collar, became standard issue.

Although there were very few AN-J-3s to start with there is enough historic knowledge of the jacket to determine that there were two slightly different versions produced at the experimental stage.

The jacket Aero offers here is their "standard" Type AN-J-3, which is the best known of the two versions. It's basically the M422a with a leather collar and epaulets. Aero's AN-J-3 uses the same WW2 military grade goatskin as the originals and it retains the cotton lining used on the Type A-2. Aero uses original deadstock single thickness, double weave wool waistbands with matching cuffs.  Aero also offers the choice of Talon zippers, both original deadstock and WW2 reproduction.

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