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Aero WW2 Fleet Air Arm/Coastal Command Flying Jacket

$ 1,299.99

Aero proudly offers their reproduction of the World famous Fleet Air Arm / Coastal Command WW2 Hooded Flying Jacket, the first commercial version of this jacket to be made since 1945. Like Aero's other WW2 RAF jackets, every detail is faithfully reproduced and compared to several original WW2 Hooded Irvins in Aero's archives. The sheepskin is copied from pieces of original jackets where little or no wear is apparent and the hood and hood tape match the original issue color perfectly. The buckles are die cast from originals and perfect reproduction Air Ministry zippers. In fact, every detail recreates the original jacket to the finest detail!

Hooded "Irvins" were made especially for The Fleet Air Arm, Coastal Command and Air Sea Rescue. The bright yellow hood proved to be an invaluable aid in helping air crews spotting downed fliers in the sea. The hood also provided much needed protection in the extreme weather conditions often encountered in the North Atlantic and the North Sea.

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